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Integrate with anywhere community happens

Orbit provides a unified view of your community, so that you can clearly see what's working and where you can improve.

The single view of your community — in seconds.

No more tab hopping

Integrate all of your community platforms for a unified view of community members, and their activity across all of your platforms.

Orbit will import activities, associate them with the right person, and make sure all of your data is discoverable via search.

Which means you can spend more time engaging with the community and less time switching between a dozen different tabs.

Orbit Integrations


Orbit’s Discourse integration syncs with your forum to import member information along with a timeline of each member’s activities, including new topics and new replies.

We’ll also pull in user meta data like badges and trust levels.

Read more in the docs ››


Orbit’s Twitter integration automatically imports mentions of your linked accounts, as well as mentions of keywords you choose to track.

Read more in the docs ››


Orbit’s GitHub integration syncs with all of your orgs and repos (you can choose which ones), and import Members and Activities across each of them.

We automatically generate a timeline of contribution for each member, and enrich member profiles with GitHub data, like the names of their pinned repos, contribution frequency, and their top languages and topics.

Read more in the docs ››


Orbit’s Slack integration creates a profile for every participant in your community Slack and an activity for each message, allowing you to see when they joined, the channels they are more active on, and the messages they posted.

Read more in the docs ››


Orbit’s Discord integration automatically ingests messages in your Discord server to create a member profile for every participant and an activity for every message, which allow you to see when a member joined your server, which categories and channels they are active in, and the specific messages sent.

Read more in the docs ››


Orbit’s Zapier app allows you to connect your Orbit workspace to thousands of other services. Some of our favorite examples include sending Typeform submissions into Orbit, and adding Eventbrite and Meetup registrations as Activities.

Read more in the docs ››

The Orbit API

The Orbit REST API gives you the ability to integrate Orbit with any service—giving you everything you need to create powerful custom integrations

Read the docs ››


Orbit’s Webhooks allow you to receive notifications whenever a new activity occurs in your community. Customize webhook deliveries using filters and tags to support flexible workflows and build tighter integrations with your Orbit data.

Read the docs ››


Orbit’s n8n node allows you to integrate your Orbit data into customized complex workflows connected to hundreds of other services.

Read more on the n8n website ››

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