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Grow your community and show ROI.

Orbit helps Developer Relations and Community Teams deliver a stellar member experience—and prove it.

Never miss a moment.

Community feed

Never miss an important mention, comment, pull request, or other essential activity with Orbit's Discourse, GitHub, and Twitter integrations.

Automatic activity tracking

Connect directly to Discourse, GitHub, and Twitter, or use our API to automatically understand which developers are most active in your community.

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No spam, just insights, product and content updates, event invites, and the occasional space pun.

Single view of the developer

Celebrate your core contributors

We’ll keep an eye on things

Orbit will keep track of key moments across your community and let you know when Members achieve important milestones. Never miss a moment, and respond right from inside Orbit.

Data tools that give you superpowers

The unified search box for your community

Orbit search indexes and returns company names, locations, tags, notes, and profile data like top languages, the names of repos contributed to, and the content of relevant tweets.

Intelligent Identity Resolution

View side-by-side comparisons of potential duplicates, allowing you to quickly clean your data. You’ll also see call-outs on individual profiles, alerting you to potential conflicts as you navigate Orbit.

Metrics that matter

Report with confidence

Demonstrate the impact of your community investments with simple and powerful reporting.

Share the success

Receive weekly reports about community engagement and top contributors. Share and celebrate with your team.

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